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go to Agario type this in party! join to play with me Join now plz

2015-07-19 14:14:16 by foxytheminecrafter

Like plz i want to play on agario with alll of them starting small not already big ones so plz go to type this on party join! link ->


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2015-07-19 14:15:48

It will work i am waiting on the party no 1 found out tho so join type it to join :3


2015-07-19 14:17:22

nevermind my game crashed D:


2015-07-27 02:25:36

ah crap! if only i saw this in time lol, next time you do play, tag me and i'll get on and i'll totally feed you so you can get to #1 lol


2018-01-02 10:41:34

Is this on mobile?